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Subscription Rates

Choosing the right category of membership is essential to ensure you are entitled to seek assistance.

Our experienced Membership Services team is available to advise you about the right membership category that is tailor-made for you.

Our Service Centre has extended its business hours to give you greater flexibility when contacting us about your subscription.

It is a member's personal responsibility to ensure that they are paying the correct subscription by accurately declaring the nature, scope and extent of the work they do. Your access to professional protection depends on you being in the correct membership category. This is far too important to risk getting wrong.

Membership query?

You can call the Membership Services helpline between 8.00am until 6.30pm, Monday to Friday

0800 561 9000 or +44 (0) 113 241 0533

Email [email protected]

Please note, calls may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes