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Salaried Dentists

Salaried dentists often have indemnity arrangements provided by their employer. However, there can be gaps in the protection provided by such arrangements and Dental Protection is ideally placed to assist in such circumstances.

Where a salaried dentist is following the agreed internal procedures of an employer, it is likely that the costs of a negligence claim arising from a clinical act or omission would be met. However, in some circumstances salaried dentists may be required to make a financial contribution to any settlement that their employer is required to (or elects to) make.

Salaried dentists should have access to their own professional indemnity arrangements so they have the right to seek help, advice and financial assistance with these matters in their own name, and also request assistance with GDC hearings and in other instances where their interests may not be aligned with that of their employers. Dental Protection membership provides access to personal advice, guidance and support (including a 24-hour emergency helpline of experienced dento-legal advisers), and the cost of representation by specialist solicitors and barristers, where necessary.

Members in employer-indemnified membership grades pay a reduced subscription, but can still apply to Dental Protection for full assistance and support.

Contact our Service Centre helpline to find out more about reduced subscriptions for members in the salaried services.