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Continuing Professional Development

As a dental professional, you have a duty to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date.

Therefore as a key part of the GDC regulations, it is a requirement for every registered dental professional to undertake continuing professional development (CPD). Knowledge underpins all patient care and the concept of continued development serves to promote patient safety and excellence in dental practice.

Dental Protection has an established policy of providing educational resources, with the aim of preventing avoidable harm to patients and reducing risk to members. Our educational services are based on the experience we have gained supporting and defending dental healthcare professionals. With more than 120 years of serving the dental profession, we have a unique insight into why things go wrong and how complaints and litigation can arise.

Using this knowledge we have developed a range of educational support for your career. There is also an opportunity to gain CPD credits for your participation.

Choose the activities that work best for you:

  • Go online to our e-learning platform, Prism, which offers courses and modules created by our own dento-legal experts who have their finger on the pulse of the ever-changing legislation affecting the dental profession.
  • Participate in our Risk Management Workshops, which are available free of charge as a benefit of membership.
  • Read our Publications and Dental Advice Booklets which provide in-depth risk management information on common problem areas. 
  • Adopt our Clinical Audit Tools for some of the most common areas of clinical record keeping that give rise to problems.
  • Attend our Events, including the annual Premier Symposium, Young Dentist Conference and Horizons Roadshows

Remember, qualifying is just the first step in your skills and knowledge development – and we are here to help you with every step you take along your career path.