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Our approach to business

Fairness at the heart of MPS

Our members

We are dedicated to treating members fairly and placing them at the heart of everything we do.

Our membership benefits are shaped by listening to our members and understanding what is important to them. We aim to provide access to membership benefits that reflect their needs combined with high quality service, support, advice and assistance. 

Membership benefits 

We are not an insurance company and all the benefits of membership are discretionary, as set out in our Memorandum and Articles of Association. Among these benefits is the right to ask for assistance with a range of dentolegal issues, including indemnity for clinical negligence claims.  

We are owned by our members so our starting point is always to see how we can help.

When determining whether or not to provide a member with assistance, or the scope of any assistance that can be offered, we ensure that the circumstances of the member’s case are considered on an individual basis by appropriately qualified advisers, who are trained  in dentolegal matters. These advisers will exercise their good judgment, on the basis of their experience and knowledge of modern practice, to decide whether or not we should assist in each particular circumstance. We will never exercise our discretion in an arbitrary, capricious or irrational way. 

Terms of membership and communications with members

We ensure that: 

  • the benefits of membership are clearly expressed and wherever possible we aim to avoid using unnecessarily complex technical or legal wording;  
  • our marketing material and communications are clear, fair and not misleading, so that current, past and prospective members can understand the nature of their membership benefits.

Our employees

Our employees are critical to delivering the service we provide to our members. Our culture and corporate governance encourages and supports our employees and is designed to ensure that our affairs are dealt with responsibly and effectively in the interests of our members.  

Our employees seek to identify and manage appropriately situations that could result in apparent, potential or actual conflicts of interest. 

Compliance with the law, transparency and fair competition

We are committed to carrying out business with integrity, in a fair, open and honest manner and in full compliance with our legal obligations.

We support free and fair competition and strive to deal with all parties fairly and equitably. We will not make untrue or misleading statements about our competitors. 

If a member informs us that their practice or membership needs are going to change then we will seek to adapt their future membership to meet their new needs. If a member chooses to leave us then we continue to provide the same quality of service as we do to all of our members. 

Ethical and lawful business practices

MPS seeks to be an ethical company and to act consistently and fairly. MPS’s Council has set out a Code of Ethical Conduct and communicated it to all employees. In addition, we require employees to keep themselves up to date on the Code of Conduct on an annual basis.

We will not conduct business which is unlawful, fraudulent or corrupt or with third parties who operate in an unlawful, fraudulent or corrupt manner.

We will pursue all appropriate legal remedies against third parties or employees involved in unlawful business practices including bribery and modern slavery


We welcome and take all comments and complaints from members seriously. Our aim is to resolve any concerns to a complainant’s satisfaction and learn any lessons from the complaint in order to improve our service for the future. All complaints and comments will be:

  • treated seriously and fairly regardless of whether they are made in person, by phone or in writing;
  • treated confidentially; 
  • handled promptly, in a clear and transparent manner; and
  • examined thoroughly in order to identify any patterns.

Any member can make a complaint or comment about any aspect of our service by contacting us here.  If they are unhappy with the outcome of their complaint then they can tell us and it will be reviewed by our senior management.

Gender Pay Report

At MPS, we want everyone to know they are being treated fairly and equally, and are valued for their unique ideas and experience. We are an equal-opportunity employer, committed to fairness, equality, and inclusion.  To download our gender pay report click on the link below: